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Company Attributes

Attribute Description Example
Name Name of company FunnelBeam
Legal Name Legal name of company FunnelBeam
Domain Domain of company’s website www.funnelbeam.com
Company's Linkedin LinkedIn profile of company www.linkedin.com/company/looker
Industry Type Industry Type of company Computer Software
Company Type Type of company Private
Employee Count Total number of employees in a specific company 782
Company's Size The size of the company 500-1000
Company's Phone Number Phone number of respective company 1-831-244-0340, 1-831-226-3060
Company's Country The country of the company United States of America
Company's Postal Code The postal code of the company 95060
Company's Country Code The country code of the company US
Company's Email The email of the company looker.com;google.com
Company's City The city of the company Santa Cruz
Company State The state of the company CA
Company Street The street number of the company 101 church st

Company Identity Data

Attribute Description Example
FunnelBeam ID Unique Identifier of company in FunnelBeam Database 5dbb60d56cc3725220865bc6
Legal name Legal name of person Looker Data Science, Inc
Registration Date Date company was registered 11 January 2012
Last Filling Date Date company filed last filing 2020-09-24
Inactive Whether company is inactive or not Yes-Acquired
Country of Incorporation Country of Registration USA
State of Incorporation State of Registration DE

Parent Child Data

Attribute Description Example
IsCopmanyParent Is the company parent of others No
IsCompanyChild Is the company children of others Yes
CompanyChildType Domestic branch, subsidiary, foreignbranch Subsidiary
Parent ID Unique id of the domestic parent of comany 5dec46a409574d734e84c996
Parent Domain Domain of the Parent google.com
Domestic Parent Id Unique id of the domestic parent of company 5dec46a409574d734e84c996
Domestic Parent Domain Domain of the domestic Parent google.com
Ultimate Parent Id Unique id of the ultimate parent of company 590565451acee88762ea777e
Ultimate Parent Domain Domain of the Ultimate Parent http://abc.xyz
Is Holding Company Is company a holding company No
Is Private Equity Is the company a private equity company No
Is franchisor or franchisee Is the company a franchisee No
Is 5013c or non-profit company Is the company a non-profit company No
Is local, state or federal govt Is the company a government organization Yes

Advanced Firmographic Data

Attribute Description Example
Relevant company urls All the relevant urls that belong to the company Looker.com
Alternate Names Alternate names of the company found on the internet Looker Data Sciences, Inc.
Email Domain All the email domains the company uses Looker.com
Professional Employee Count Professional employye count on Linkedin 780
sicCode Sic code of the company 73737
naicsCode Naics code of the company 541511541
geoLatitude Geo latitude of the HQ of the company 36.97459
geoLongitude Geo longitude of the HQ of the company 122.02634
usEIN US employer identification number of the company 454221853
Branch Locations Other branch locations of company DC, California, Texas

Growth & Finance

Attribute Description Example
Country Alexa Ranking The country rank of the company 4671
Global Alexa Ranking The global rank of the company 221919
Web Traffic Web traffic of company 1187396
Advertisement Spend Monthly ad spend of company $58,500
Fiscal Year End Month when FY ends April
Facebook Followers Company's facebook followers count 4140
Facebook Posts per month Companys'facebook posts per month 10
Twitter Followers Company's twitter followers count 11,000
Twitter Posts Per Month Company's twitter post per month 65
Instagram Followers Company's instagram followers count 1600
Instagram Posts Per Month Company's instagram post per month 1
Total Funding Funding Gathered 280,500,000
Last Funding Round Last funding amount 130,000,000
Last Funding Date Last Funding Date April 2013
EBITDA Earnng before interest, taxes, depreciation, ammortization 140,000,000
Assets Under Management Assets under management for financial companies N/A
Public Company Revenue Revenue if company is public N/A
Private Company Revenue Revenue if company is private (Est) 140,000,000

Buying Center Roles Count

Attribute Description Example
Number of Sales Titles Number of sales titles learnt via ideal customer profile 127
Number of Marketing Titles Number of marketing titles learnt via ideal customer profile 40
Number of Operations Titles Number of operations titles learnt via ideal customer profile 27
Number of Engineering Titles Number of engineering titles learnt via ideal customer profile 142
Number of Developer Titles Number of developer titles learnt via ideal customer profile 207
Number of Information Tech Titles Number of IT titles learnt via ideal customer profile 3
Number of VP Titles Number of VP titles learnt via ideal customer profile 26
Number of CxO Titles Number of CxO titles learnt via ideal customer profile 127
Number of UX/UI Titles Number of UX/UI titles learnt via ideal customer profile 33
Number of HR Related Titles Number of HR titles learnt via ideal customer profile 45
Number of Info-Sec Titles Number of Info Security titles learnt via ideal customer profile 120
Number of Customer Success Titles Number of customer success titles learnt via ideal customer profile 32
Number of Support Titles Number of support titles learnt via ideal customer profile 56
Number of Product Management Titles Number of Product Focused titles learnt via ideal customer profile 39
Number of "Custom" Titles per Ideal Customer profile Definition Number of Custom titles learnt via ideal customer profile Custom

Technologies Used

Attribute Description Example
Competitve TechStack- Web Competitve technologies used-identified via ideal customer profiler Oracle,VMWare,Cisco
Complimentary TechStack- Web Competitve technologies used-identified via ideal customer profiler Python, ROR, Mern
All Technologies Used- Web Complete TechStack used by the company [Google Remarketing], [Vimeo CDN], [Vimeo], [Content Delivery Network], [jQuery UI], [Marketo], [Amazon Route 53], [jQuery], [DoubleClick.Net], [nginx], [Google Analytics], [Google Apps for Business], [SPF], [Google Tag Manager], [Marketo Mail], [GStatic Google Static Content], [Google Universal Analytics], [Font Awesome], [Modernizr], [Google Font API], [Apache], [StackPath BootstrapCDN], [PHP], [AJAX Libraries API], [Amazon Virginia Region], [Amazon], [Amazon Elastic Load Balancing], [Viewport Meta], [Underscore.js], [CDN JS], [Google Hosted Libraries], [Google Hosted jQuery], [Moment JS], [SMTP2GO], [RSS], [Microsoft Azure DNS], [YouTube], [SSL by Default], [Google Webmaster], [Amazon Elastic Load Balancing Sticky Session], [LinkedIn Insights], [Mixpanel], [Apple Mobile Web Clips Icon], [Laravel], [Fotorama], [Intellimize], [Hotjar], [Slick JS], [PrismJS], [Euro], [Clearbit], [YouTube IFrame Upload], [YouTube IFrame API], [Amazon S3 CDN], [IPhone / Mobile Compatible], [Zendesk], [Pound Sterling], [Japanese Yen], [Careers], [Plans and Pricing], [Atlassian Cloud], [GlobalSign Domain Verification], [Amazon SSL], [jQuery 3.3.1], [Global Site Tag], [jQuery 3.4.0], [MotionPoint], [Google AdWords Conversion], [Google Conversion Linker], [Google Floodlight Counter], [Webpack], [core-js], [DMARC], [FreshService], [Adobe Sign], [SalesLoft], [Ruby on Rails Token], [Zipkin], [Copyright Year 2015], [jQuery 3.2.1], [Nginx 1.12], [Nginx 1.12], [Discourse], [Handlebars], [Sitelinks Search Box], [Magnific Popup], [OpenStreetMap], [Google Calendar], [lodash], [OpenResty], [Clipboard.js], [Ahrefs Bot Disallow], [Semrush Bot Disallow], [Cloudflare JS], [jQuery 3.2.1], [Atlassian JIRA Issue Collector], [Nginx 1.16], [Highcharts], [GitHack], [RawGit], [Highcharts], [jQuery 2.2.4], [D3 JS], [Cloudflare JS], [Microsoft Azure Blob Storage], [jsDelivr], [jQuery 2.2.4], [D3 JS], [GitHack], [LetsEncrypt], [Mobile Non Scaleable Content], [English HREF LANG], [Zendesk Dropbox], [Cloudflare Hosting], [React], [Cloudflare], [Zendesk Embeddables], [reCAPTCHA], [Amazon Ireland Region], [Mobile Non Scaleable Content], [Uberflip], [Babel], [Facebook Sharer], [FitVids.JS], [lodash], [imagesLoaded], [jQuery Migrate], [Socket.IO], [LetsEncrypt], [Amazon Ireland Region], [Amazon CloudFront], [jQuery 2.2.4], [Amazon Ireland Region], [jQuery Validate], [Facebook Domain Insights], [Algolia], [Foundation], [jsDelivr], [Heroku Vegur Proxy], [es6 promise], [Amazon CloudFront], [Fastly], [DKIM], [Google SSL], [Ruby on Rails Token], [jsDelivr], [jQuery 3.1.1], [Sectigo SSL], [Sectigo Domain SSL], [Highcharts], [Cloudflare JS]


Attribute Description Example
Number of Relevant Jobs Open Per ICP Titles roles being open in ICP 99
Job Details Per Title Job date, Title, Description, Source Product Manager, Looker, Google Cloud, careers.google.com/jobs/results/126238330149839558-product-manger-looker-google-cloud

Custom Classification

Attribute Description Example
Website Keywords/tags Specific keywords and tags found on site specified in ICP
Specialities Keywords/tags Specific keywords and tags found on site speciality in ICP
Custom Company Segmentation Machine learning based custom segment classiffication based on keywprds/tags

Advanced Person Data

Attribute Description Example
Timezone Timezone of the person GMT -7
UTC Offset Offset from UTC time for person GMT -7 hours
Role Role of person as defined in ICP roles Decision Maker
Sub Role Subrole/department of person as defined in ICP Engineering Management
Seniority Seniority Level of Person VP
geoLatitude Latitude of the Person 122.02634
geoLongitude Longitude of the Person 36.97459
isFreeEmailProvider is the email provided from free emails (like gmail) No
Personal Email Provide a personal email where available VP
Mobile Phone Mobile Phone number of Person 1-408-203-1482

Person Attributes

Attribute Description Example
Given Name First name of person Alex
Family Name Last name of person MacCaw
Full Name Full name of person (may exist even if Given/Family Name isn’t available) Alex MacCaw
Email Personal or companys email [email protected]
Gender Male or Female Male
Phone number Personal Phone number 910-232-4825
City City of Stay Santa Cruz
State State of Stay California
Country Country of Stay United States of America
Title His Designation Founder and VP of Engineering
Tenure Duration at a company 8 years 10 months
Facebook handle Personal facebook handle facebook.com/benporterfield
Twitter handle Personal Twitter handle twitter.com/benporterfield
Linkedin handle Personal Linkedin handle linkedin.com/benporterfield
Github handle Personal Github handle github.com/benporterfield

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