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  • Workday

    Great Product – Easy to use and excellent customer support

    We were looking for a tool that had more functionality than the native Salesforce assignment rules, but was still easy to use and manage with minimal support from IT.FunnelBeam has been the perfect solution for this and we have received top of the line support any time we have questions creating a new policy.

    Mass changes to account and lead owners are also very easy with the ability to run batch jobs. This has saved our team a ton of hours any time we do a large scale territory adjustment. The ability to export the business policy to make changes in Excel also makes the product intuitive and it was easily adopted by all users.

    Currently, we are using FunnelBeam for lead, contact, account, and opportunity assignments but are looking to do assignments on custom objects as well in the next year.

    David Piry

  • Stratasys

    Amazing product, flexible, easy to use and exceptional support!

    FunnelBeam is the perfect tool for any record distribution (like leads/cases/etc) where the standard SDFC functionality is not enough.

    The tool is easy to use, friendly, smart, flexible and perfect for admins (and also for less tech-savvy people) who want to use it.

    We purchased the app for very complex lead assignment use case including partner users and the app works great.

    Another big plus is the amazing support we are getting – always fast and always solving issues.

    I recommend this app!

    Daniela Levin

  • Verizon Connect

    FunnelBeam:Awesome Product – Awesome Support!

    FunnelBeam has made our currently lead assignment process seemless and helped introducted a very successful “round robin” approach with these assignments. (Shout out to Jelle van Geuns) who has always not only assisted us but has also help us deliver quality service to our users! Kudos FunnelBeam!

    Verizon Connect
    Carla Johnson

  • Australian Institute of Business

    Very Capable Application and A Great Team

    Australian Institute of Business FunnelBeam provides some great allocation functionality that extends the salesforce platform. Effectively enhancing productivity for sales and support teams, where segmentation and customer record and process ownership is managed. Basically the engine room of any business. There are many use cases that will provide ROI beyond the cost of this apps licenses.

    The FunnelBeam team has been a pleasure to work with and they have supported us enthusiastically and proactively. No complaints from me.

    Australian Institute of Business
    Kieren Wuest

  • Aurea

    Great product that filled all our needs

    AureaWe use FunnelBeam for lead assignment. We initially chose FunnelBeam because it was the only tool that assigned the leads instantly when they were created (not every 1 minute or every 5 minutes etc)

    After you learn how to set up the rules for assignment, the app is very easy to use. I’ve made countless changes, sometimes adding rules just for a day and then removing them and I’ve found the app extremely easy to configure.

    But even if you get stuck, don’t worry, because the customer support is extremely prompt. Tickets get solved within a day and I’ve always found someone answering the phone when I called.

    I’ve also found extremely useful the tools put in place to help you understand why a rule didn’t fire or why it assigned the way that it did, making troubleshooting very easy as well.

    I recommend the product wholeheartedly.

    Alex Manoilescu

  • Asana

    Great product with plenty of use cases, fantastic support

    Asana FunnelBeam is a powerful assignment and updating tool with built in testing and version control wrapped up in an easy to understand interface. We originally came across it as a solution for an Opportunity round robin assignment tool, though 10 minutes of working with it will give you an idea of how many useful applications it can have.

    The greatest strength is the product’s customization options. There’s usually more than one way to get to the solution you’re after, and the interface is both intuitive and powerful, which is something that’s often lacking from your run of the mill AppExchange apps.

    On top of all of this, the support is great, full stop. I’ve received a ton of great feedback from our users not just on the new features introduced by the product, but on the quick turnaround on any issues we’ve faced so far.

    Frank Reedy


    Great product with lots of capabilities and exceptional support!
    student.comWe have been using FunnelBeam for about a year and a half. The product itself is easy to set up. It’s flexible and allows quick changes.

    The support and especially Jelle has been exceptional. He listened to our requirements and spent time adjusting the configuration to make sure the product meets our needs. Overall we are happy with the choice we made. It has saved us a ton of time assigning leads and opportunities manually.

    I would recommend FunnelBeam to anyone who is looking for strong and capable auto-assignment product.
    Diyan Iliev

  • Firmex

    Firmex’s Ideal Customer Profile was very nuanced and hard to identify and needed very targeted sales signals to successfully scale their outreach programs. FunnelBeam’s customizable AI Driven technology was able to automate identifying the right target companies together with right titles, increasing their opportunity creation by 36%

    Diyan Iliev

  • Auth0

    Auth0 used FunnelBeam’s AI Driven Prospector to get a steady stream of thousands of accounts in their CRM together with ALL leads and contact titles per account. FunnelBeam machine learning target titles model allowed Auth0 to access all titles that were relevant in all different industries that they can sell to and bring them into their CRM. FunnelBeam was integral in fueling Auth0’s hyper growth phase.

    Diyan Iliev

  • Mulesoft

    Mulesoft faced a large number of personal email signups in their thousands of inbound leads per month. FunnelBeam provided professional profiles on these personal emails and valuable company information, identifying 60%+ highly valuable leads that were previously unknown before. No other enrichment provider was able to provide this information. This resulted in 56% increase in new qualified leads per month that were previously unidentifiable.

    Diyan Iliev

  • Copado

    Copado leveraged multiple FunnelBeam workflows: Automated enrichments, net-new target prospecting, lead to account mapping and account parent child mapping to magically transform their CRM into a well oiled machine. This resulted in more than 50% time savings of their sales team and a revenue increase of 60%.

    Diyan Iliev

  • Houlihan Lokey

    Houlihan Lokey considers FunnelBeam’s AI Driven technologies as having their own private IBM Watson for marketing ops.

    Houlihan Lokey
    Diyan Iliev

  • Booster

    Booster faced a complex challenge. Their ICP, focused on SMBs in niche industries, was hard to identify. FunnelBeam leveraged its 34M company database and its customizable machine learning models to identify all the right target accounts, branch locations and enrich their CRM with titles that could be ideal targets for Booster. This resulted in Booster closing new opportunities by a factor of 3x in one year and generating more than 500% on their investment.

    Diyan Iliev

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